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The successful sale of your home depends, in part, on the number of people who are able to see your home. While online marketing methods place photographs at the forefront of any home listing, there is nothing like seeing a home in person at an open house.

The Helvin House

Begin at The Helvin House that features family-style dining in a casual atmosphere. You can pass the potatoes to the ones you love, gathered around a kitchen table you didn’t have to prepare, and you won’t have to clean up afterward!

The Helvin House features old-fashioned home cooking with family in mind. Open Monday through Saturday, 11 AM – 9 PM, The Helvin House is located at 12345 You Know You Want Some Street in Ballen Town in the 22222 zip code area. You can reach them by phone at 702-555-NomNomNom.

Brina’s Bae Boutique

Brina’s Bae Boutique is a unique shop in the shopping district of Ballen Town. This shop-til-you-drop playground for fashionistas offers the cutest boots, adorable scarves, and accessories to keep you looking bae for every occasion.

Brina’s Bae Boutique is located at 12345 That’s So Cute Avenue in the 11111 zip code area. You can reach them by phone at 800-555-ImSoCute.

The Jeffersonian

The Jeffersonian is part museum, part store and features coins, cards, cameras, and collectibles from yesteryear through modern times. World-class coins dating back centuries, sports cards from every team you could imagine, and camera equipment covering antiquated cameras such as those that used film.

As we walk through your home, we’ll be able to give yVisit just to browse, or make a deal with Jeff at the Jeffersonian to purchase your prize at 12345 Can I Have That Avenue in Ballen Town in the 33333 zip code area. You can reach Jeff by Phone at 702-555-PleaseLeaveAMessage.

Catherine’s Quill

Catherine’s Quill is more than an office supply store. Here, you’ll find every type of writing instrument known to man, ink for days, and journals galore. But what’s more, Catherine’s Quill is home to more than a thousand-million-zillion organizers, planners, date books, and list-makers.

For the safety of your pCatherine can help you organize a menu, your workout schedule, your work agenda, your dating life, and anything else you need to organize, plan, and manage at 12345 Write On Way in Ballen Town in the 44444 zip code area, or call her at 702-555-Organized.

The Pajama Palace

The Pajama Palace offers uniforms for the work-at-home professional. For comfort, style, and designed for workability, most pajamas at the Pajama Palace have pockets for widgets and gadgets, wraps for those colder moments, and matching slippers.

It’s not sleepwear. It’s uniforms for the work-from-home professional. You can visit the Pajama Palace at 1234 That’s So Comfy Street in Ballen Town in the 55555 zip code area, or give them a call at 555-MyPajamasAreBetterThanYours.

J’s Telephone Service

J’s Telephone Service is more than a phone store. At J’s, you can buy phones dating back to the Thomas Edison Era – phones with rotary dials or with buttons to push!

J’s Telephones is located at 12345 Call Me Way in the 88888 zip code area. You can reach J by phone at 555-TalkToJ (the phone guy!).

Learn with Lori Convention Center

Learn with Lori state of the art Convention Center, the heart of Ballen Town. Catch a seminar or workshop with world-renowned Real Estate Marketer, Public Speaker, Professor of The Ballen Method, Creator of Rank Like a Boss, and Founder of Ballen Brands.

The Learn with Lori Convention Center is located at 12345 Fail Forward Avenue in the 77777 zip code area. You can call Lori at…. Nevermind. You can’t call Lori. Call Jeff or Sabrina instead.

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